Policy Statements

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Engineering and Environmental Management Services Limited is committed to providing safe working conditions at its work sites and offices as well as preventing pollution of the environment, and shall comply with relevant legal & other requirements that relate to our occupational health & safety risks as well as environmental aspects.
We ensure that activities within the defined scope of our operations in environmental management services or engineering services as well as management system services are conducted in such a way to prevent ill health or injury to workers and other people at locations within our control.
We strive to restore work sites to its initial settings as much as possible in order to preserve the environment.


  • Reduce work related injuries to zero
  • Preserve the environmental resources
  • Improve the Health and Welfare of our own and associate staff
  • Increase security awareness amongst own/ associate staff
  • Improve on our past health and safety performance
  • Improve on our waste disposal methods
  • Reduce Road Traffic Accidents to zero

To achieve these, EEMS shall,

  • Review safety performance, quarterly.
  • Ensure that follow-up on safety audits and all recommendations are adequately implemented.
  • Ensure compliance with all currently stipulated statutory SAFETY rules and regulations.
  • Conduct Health and Safety awareness periodically and ensure that there are continuous SAFETY Training Programs.
  • Evolve a comprehensive environmental protection programme by liaising with clients and sub-contractors/consultants.
  • Striving to avoid risks associated with driving and transportation by confirming if the action can be done by other means such as phone calls, email or courier before any journey is embarked on.
  • Encourage staff to report accidents and near misses and ensure that they are investigated to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Provide first aid boxes both in the office and on site.
  • Ensure that her HSE Policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure that it is effective & updated with changing organizational activities and latest legislation.

The Management of EEMS Limited is responsible for employee health and safety in the company. It is however, the duty of every employee and of any customer or visitor at company facility to comply with health and safety instructions and take reasonable care for their health & safety and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

Our Quality Approach

All our services are certified to the ISO 9001:20215 standard.

Quality Management System Policy

We are committed to providing high quality environmental and social services, geoinformatics, resettlement planning, management systems and engineering services, to the satisfaction of our customers while addressing the needs of our stakeholders.
To achieve this, we shall

  • Comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to our organization and our services
  • Regularly obtain and monitor customer perception and feedback
  • Use appropriate tools that deliver more accurate and efficient results
  • Engage all concerned to understand their responsibility in maintaining and improving on our shared values
  • Enhance the skills of management and staff and empower them to take action necessary to ensure achievement of our objectives
  • Continuously challenging ourselves to improve the quality management system to guarantee satisfaction of our customers
  • Provide the required leadership, management and resources that will ensure effectiveness

Environmental Management System Policy

We are committed to safeguarding the environment and positively contributing to the communities in areas where we operate. We have instituted control measures based on the nature, scale and environmental impacts of our activities, products and services, to ensure environmental protection and prevention of pollution. To achieve this, we undertake to;

  • comply with relevant statutory or regulatory requirements as well as contractual and other applicable obligations;
  • requiring our suppliers and other business partners to maintain the same level of environmental performance;
  • providing appropriate training to all staff including sub-contractors.
  • reducing waste through source reduction, reuse, recycling and proper handling and disposal through safe and environmentally sustainable methods in order to prevent pollution;
  • conserving natural resources through careful planning, implementation and efficient use of water, energy and other resources where applicable;
  • continually improve on the effectiveness of our Environmental Management System through establishing objectives and targets, inspection and audit of our facilities and activities and periodic review to ensure adequacy of control measures and their effectiveness.
  • ensuring this policy is communicated, understood and available to all staff and interested parties and is maintained throughout our organization.

Community Affairs Policy

We are committed to the promotion of understanding between our clients and their host communities; wherever we operate, we shall preserve the cultural heritage of the communities, respect their religion and general way of life in a manner consistent with the principles of sustainable development.

In order to implement these, we shall at all times: -

Undertake a preliminary study of the communities before we tender for any job, in order to enable us understand the dynamics and the effects of community issues on the technical aspects of the project.

Consultation with the communities and other stakeholders shall commence early and shall be on continuous basis and at all stages of the project, particularly with Environmental and Social Impact Assessment.

We shall hold regular meetings with the communities, our client and the regulatory bodies. Meetings with community representatives and other stakeholders shall be properly documented. Community input will be key in establishing priorities, scoping and work plan, where this forms part of the project requirement.

Consultation shall extend beyond community chiefs, their advisory councils and community elites to all interest groups including youth, women, disadvantaged, marginalized, etc.

Other stakeholders to be consulted will be jointly identified with the client and the level and frequency of such consultation shall also be decided with the client. We shall always strive to use local labour as much as possible.

We shall train all members of our team before embarking on any project on the traditions, culture and ways of life of the people resident in the project area.

EEMS Limited, hereby declare that, we shall carry out our assignments professionally and with the highest ethical standards at all times. We undertake to be honest, truthful and be fair to our customers, co-workers, and any other person we may come across during the course of our work.

We shall maintain the confidentiality and security of any information that we may come across in our work, including customer information, and we shall ensure that we protect customer property under our care. We are also under obligation not to divulge any information to anyone, no matter the circumstances except where compelled by a court of law or by written approval of the customer.
Every member of our work force has signed this undertaking, on assumption of duty.

Engr. Abubakar, M. Bello, Chief Executive Officer

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